Application Programming Interface (API)

The CYBOL language offers plenty of data formats (types) and operations, all of which follow the MIME type standard in an extended version.

Data Format (Type) Examples
  • number/integer
  • text/plain
  • element/part
Operation Examples
  • calculate/add
  • communicate/send
  • flow/loop

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CYBOP stands for Cybernetics Oriented Programming and is a new approach to software development, which is based on the principle of simple tree structures.

CYBOL is a platform-independent language for knowledge specification and application programming, which may be saved in either XML or JSON format.

CYBOI is the corresponding interpreter, written in C, that is needed to execute applications defined in CYBOL.

Project Name

This project has nothing to do with the idea of "Transhumanism". It is just about seeing God's own nature as teacher and applying its ideas for the design of better technical systems.

Cybernetics as scientific discipline deals with the control of systems as well as with information processing within the same. Its sub field of Bionics puts focus on transferring phenomena of nature to technics.

The CYBOP project was baptised this way because it takes some ideas from nature (for example forwarding of the DNA at cell separation in biology) and from other scientific disciplines (for example abstraction principles of human thinking as described by psychology) and applies these to software development.


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