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The project is hosted on the GNU Savannah open source software portal.

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Source Code

There are currently about 464 thousand lines of source code in the cyboi interpreter. They belong to about 1.800 files and are organised in about 500 sub directories.

Our source code repository is managed using the Subversion (SVN) centralised version control system.

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Code Conventions

The style guide recommendations for coding in the C programming language while developing on the CYBOI interpreter.

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Bug Reporting

Developers use their internal TODO lists. Additionally, a list of errors and wishes sent by users is managed in the Savannah portal.

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Mailing List

There is currently just one mailing list in the project, which is used mainly for developer discussion. However, interested users seeking support may address this list as well.

Release Plan

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How to Help

We currently follow the development model of "Benevolent Dictatorship". This is for historical reasons. Most contributions come from the project founder who implements ideas which he formulated over the years.

However, help from the Community is always welcome and could save time, which can then better be invested in developing the core interpreter. Here are some ideas where your support would be possible and useful: