The final abstraction.
For any kind of knowledge.

Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP)

CYBOP Abstraction Levels

Open Source Tree-based Software Development

Genuine Innovation

Optimise development effort by cancelling both, the design as well as the implementation phase of your software engineering process (SEP). This new approach puts focus on domain data, which get executed directly as programme. A revolutionary paradigm shift.

Abstraction Gaps in Software Engineering Process
CYBOL Tree Structure

Straightforward Use of Hierarchy

Get to know the simplicity of tree-based application development. No more class frameworks. No more patterns. Just one hierarchy. Quite comparable to web development, but usable for any kind of application, with arbitrary user interface.

Uniform Syntax for Values and Functions

Work with one consistent programming schema for data and workflows. The same applies to the control structures sequence, branch and loop. Operations are not limited, so this is a general purpose language (not domain-specific).

Uniform CYBOL Syntax
Universal CYBOL Communication

Universal Communication via Channels

Exchange data seamlessly between various channels in a star-like manner using synchronous or asynchronous mode. For instance via RS-232, USB, VT100 pseudo terminal, XCB, socket. By just one call of "send" or "receive".

Clear API following MIME Types

Use the well-defined CYBOL operations which are documented as API on our website. To its standard categories belong: calculate, communicate, compare and many more.

CYBOL API Documentation