EuroPLoP 2005 Focus Group on Pattern Systematics

Topic and Purpose

"Pattern Simplifications Leading to a more Comprehensive Systematics"

The aim of the discussion is not to find special patterns for special purposes,
but rather to get an overall picture of many kinds of patterns,
in order to identify their structural differences or similarities.

Finally, patterns with common structures are merged and lead back to
only a few basic patterns, organised in a simplified systematics
that hopefully helps developers to better understand, correctly choose
and use patterns.

Preferred Length and Schedule

3 h = 90 min + 90 min

L = Leader
P = Participants

L: Welcome 5 min
P: Introductions and Expectations 10 min
L: Pattern Merger Demonstration (Translator = MVC+DTO+DataMapper) 15 min
P: Opinions and Similar Experiences 30 min
L: Gamma's versus Buschmann's Classification 5 min
P: Discussion 25 min

Break 15-30 min

L: Container Inheritance Falsifies Results 5 min
P: Similar Problems with OOP/ Patterns 10 min
L: Principles of Human Thinking and New Systematics 20 min
P: Responses 40 min
P: Overall Review of Ideas 10 min
L: Summary 5 min

Preferred Number and Experience of Participants


We ask conference participants who would like to join the focus group
discussion to register in advance, if possible to end of May 2005,
by sending a simple email to
Depending on the number of free places, you will then be
notified about your participation in the focus group.

Participants should have applied a variety of software patterns
and ideally have design experience for a couple of years (> 5?).
Nobody has to know each pattern in detail, but an overall view
would be helpful in the discussion, as well as knowledge of
the standard literature (Gamma, Buschmann, Fowler).

Please bring with open-mindedness and be ready
to change your current design views.

Submissions and Format

Position papers are not required, but of course possible.

It would be nice, however, to receive additional free-text submissions
(PDF, OpenOffice, ... no MS Word), raising open issues in (object-oriented)
software development with patterns, seen from different, inter-disciplinary
perspectives (any field of science or nature), and possibly containing
ideas for their solution.

Possible Outputs and Publication
  1. A more comprehensive pattern systematics
  2. A list of open issues/ repeated problems in pattern usage
  3. Ideas and different approaches for their solution

The results will be summarised by the focus group leader after the conference,
in form of a short focus group report which will go into the final conference proceedings.

Position Papers

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